Reflective nylon dog collar

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nylon dog collars for american bullies

Reflective nylon dog collar in beautiful colors for large dogs. Nylon dog collars are strong and easy to maintain. These colors look awesome on your Mastiff's big necks. They will make them even bigger. Massive collars for our massive dogs. American bully owners will also be loved these. The luxury look for males and females. Everyone will find a color scheme he likes on this phenomenal collars.

nylon collars colors


Diving material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam body. It has a fine handle, soft and elastic. It has the characteristics of shockproof, heat preservation, elasticity, and air permeability.
Reflective nylon dog collars are available in 3 sizes, S, M and L, and 5 colors, flower, stripe, rainbow, camouflage, and xw.

S size is 4 cm(1,5 inch) width, while M and L are 5 cm(2 inch) width.

Here is product size chart:

nylon collar size chart

Reflective design is here to protect your dog. At night the light hit the reflective portion will shine and protect the safety of your dog near traffic. Soft lining mash will make this collar comfortable for your dog beside it"s massive looking.