Leather mastiff spike collar

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Genuine leather Mastiff spike collar. Rivets studded, heavy-duty buckle and D ring for easy control.

It is a fancy spike dog collar, very unique and attractive looking. Your fur friend will be in the center of attraction where ever he shows. 

High-quality alloy buckles are strong and durable. The lining is made of soft quality leather and makes a collar wearing very comfortable. This one is made for big dogs with a large neck like our Mastiffs are.

This is a powerful looking collar but gentle and comfortable for our pet.

    • Handmade and special attention to detail.

    • Remove your collar from the plastic bag.

    • The leather should not be stored in plastic.

    • Fit for dogs daily walking, running.

    • It needs to be cleaned to remove oils and dirt and conditioned.

    • Do not wash it with water. It needs to be kept dry.

    • Strong and durable, worth having.

    • We recommend applying a leather conditioner to your leas.

  • Clean and condition the leather as often as is needed to keep it clean.

Measure your dog's neck and make him the proud owner of such a powerful spike collar.



Two colors, black and brown, and four sizes. are available .