Dog Toothbrush and toothpaste

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Dog Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • This dog toothbrush features organic rubber that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  •  Better material causes it to be much more sturdy and won't be chewed off quickly.
  •  Soft meant to be secure for your dog's gums, and also it won't harm your dog's wellness and also allows them to thoroughly clean the teeth of theirs and defend them from dental diseases. 
  •  Made to teeth that are clean on each side and it is angled to fit perfectly with your pet 's mouth.
  •  Includes a stable base to allow it to be much easier for your pet to keep the toothbrush.
  •  Encourage the pet of yours to clean the teeth of his every day to prevent severe health complications.
  •  Smell that is sweet to entice animals to munch on the brush, which may help save time and energy to assist dogs brush teeth


    Size: M (15*10*4cm),

    L (18*13.5*5.5CM)

    Safe, non-toxic, flexible

    Won't harm the teeth

    Non-slip design

    Reliable and safe TPR material, durable and soft, highly durable

    the best way to use:

    Deeply cleanse the mouth with toothpaste

    Reduce the pet 's toothpaste

    Teach the dog to chew the toothbrush

    Chewing is the same as cleaning and playing teeth

    Clear all instructions from the dog's tooth to the gums.

    Next, wash the entire body with a brush

    Adjust to a wide variety of little and medium dogs

    When the dog is lonely


    Have teeth decay

    Puppies alter their primary teeth