Bully scull collar leash

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Do you want something authentic for your dog?
Something with totally uncommon design ,unique and luxury?

 Our custom made, Stainless steal Bully Scull collection is something special.
This rare and authentic look makes your best fury friend looks even more special.


And eye catchy.

Custom made to draw everyone attention.

Must have dog accessory!

Luxurious and unique...

Never seen before...

Your dog will be proud wearing it.

Made for everyone taste.

They don"t just look massive and mean , they are strong and durable.

Made in 6 different sizes.


Two colors .

Two wideness 23 mm, 32 mm and two designs.Wider skull and flower design,narrower with skull design only.

Completes available as well.


Large: (Skull With Flower Design)

            Collar                                      Leash

            S: 32mm*40cm                    32mm*90cm                      1 inch = 2,54 cm

            M:32mm*45cm                 32mm*90cm

            L: 32mm*50cm                    32mm*90cm

            XL: 32mm*55cm                  32mm*90cm

            2XL: 32mm*60cm                32mm*90cm

            3XL: 32m*65cm                   32mm*90cm

Small: (Skull Design Only)

            S:23mm*40cm                       23mm*90cm                       1 inch = 2,54 cm

           M: 23mm*45cm                      23mm*90cm

           L: 23mm*50cm                       23mm*90cm

           XL: 23mm*55cm                    23mm*90cm

           2Xl: 23mm*60cm                    23mm*90cm

           3XL: 23mm*65cm                  23mm*90cm