Leather collars

While there is always much arguing between Mastiff owners what is more needed dog accessory, collars, or harness, our opinion is that both things are important. We will talk about harnesses in our Dog harness collection. Now, collars are very important in everyday life with your dog. Not only will some areas require that your mastiff wear a collar out in public, but you also never know when your dog might wander off depending on his training stage.

That’s why many collars own a tag with the engraved name of the dog and owner's phone number. That kind of collars is a so-called personalized leather dog collar with an ID tag on them.

Beside personalized Id leather collars there are also fancy or modern leather dog collars. These are commonly decorated with leather, nylon, paracord, or studs and spikes. Studded and spiked leather collars are most actual and desired by the Mastiff lovers. Also, there is a large market for those collars in the bully breed community. These leather collars are made to attract attention. They are eye-catchy and powerful looking on every dog with a large neck, putting the accent on that neck, and making it looks even bigger.

Choke leather dog collars are the ones used for training purposes only. There are many opposite opinions on the usage of choke color. Many people believe that their use can be dangerous for dogs, especially large breed dogs such as Mastiffs because of their pulling strength. You must have some training experience for the safe use of these collars.

A safer alternative for many Mastiff owners is the martingale leather collar. Unlike the choke collar, the martingale leather collar won’t apply that kind of pressure on your dog’s neck. Instead, it will only tighten enough to discourage Mastiff's behavior. This collar is great in correcting dogs who like to pull, in a safe manner. It is also called a no-slip leather collar because it built it can’t slip from a dog’s neck.

There are always popular classic leather dog collars. These collars are for everyday activity. They are made of durable but soft leather material and should be lighter and more comfortable to the dog’s neck. They can be found in many colors and sizes for everyone's taste.


Besides Leather is an excellent material for a dog collar due to its effortless style, long term durability, and easy cleaning, it is also strong and reliable material, who can be used in long term. A great plus for leather collars is that it is a natural material, canine-friendly to the dog’s neck. Leather collars are a good option for every dog because they don’t irritate the dog's skin and don’t cause allergies. It is most important for Mastiffs because the majority has a thin coat layer on their neck and skin is directly exposed to dog collar material.

Leather collars from Mastiff shop are made from high-quality leather. They are easy to clean and maintain and they are strong and durable. You will make a good decision with any product you buy from our leather collar collection.