Dog muzzle

 The best thing to secure the surroundings of your Mastiff is proper training and safe dog muzzle. With the right one you will protect your dog and everyone near him. As all, we know our Mastiff is an animal with a natural canine instinct who can be awake in some stressful, unexpected situations. The safest way if you expose your fur, best friend to this kind of situations, to be prepared with a dog muzzle.

But not only is the aggression the reason for a dog wearing a muzzle. There is a lot of reasons for muzzle wear like vet visits, grooming, training, socialization to a new environment, etc.

In our store, there is a variety of dog muzzles. You can find here different material muzzles, nylon muzzles, plastic muzzles, funny muzzles, and of course some fancy ones.

Most popular are wire/metal muzzle. They fit nicely and allow dog breathing, drinking, or even eating treats. Also, they are very comfortable to a dog. There are many models of these muzzles, also called basket muzzles. Most of them have soft mash or soft leather pads on places where Mastiff skin and a muzzle are in contact. This makes them completely save with no chance of causing a dog’s skin irritation.

There are muzzles made to intentionally limit your Mastiff mouth use and wraps around four dog snout with no room for opening dog mouth. These are made from lighter material like nylon and uses for a short period of time in grooming rooms or at vet visits. They are so-called no barking muzzles.

In Mastiff shop you can find funny dog muzzle with teeth so-called werewolf dog muzzle. It's great funny, attractive but very safe Mastiff muzzle.

The majority of dog muzzles are made for long snout dogs, but there are also muzzles for brachycephalic breed or short snout dog muzzles.

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