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nylon mastiff dog harness

One of the first things every dog owner needs for their best friend is, besides collar and leash, is a dog harness. If you just bring your puppy who is not trained, then you need a harness and leash first.


It’s because the young dogs will easily get used to it. Much easier than to dog collar.

Another important thing considering harnesses that it can be used as well in the learning period as in the correctional period. We can offer you harnesses with a front buckle great for such a thing. People also call in no pull dog harness, like a name said it is commonly used on Mastiff dogs that like to pull while they walking. It is a great harness to start training your pup to properly walk next to you.

There is a variety of harnesses of different materials we have in our store. There are leather harnesses, nylon harnesses, paracord harnesses special training harnesses, etc.

Leather Mastiff harnesses are strong and durable, made of best leather with no risk of skin allergies for dog and a long period of use. Metal parts of the harness are made of quality, reliable steel with a protecting metal lay on the top, providing them durability, shine, and long-lasting quality.

The gentle leather harness makes a dog feel comfortable as it can. Special importance is playing how the harness is fitted on the Mastiff. It can’t be loose or too tight to the dog's skin. If the harness isn’t fitted properly dog will feel discomfort and nervousness.

Many people are asking us a famous question: How to properly put a dog harness, so we decide to write a blog about it.

Nylon harness provides durability with even lighter weight on the mastiff back. They are often much lighter than leather ones. Also, they are coming in much color variety and possibilities. One of them is patches with the name of a dog or his purpose.

Depending on your needs you must choose harnesses wisely. If you like running next to your dog, our advice will be nylon harnesses with a side buckle, properly made for that.

If you like swimming with your dog and often exposed to the water, a better choice is nylon harnesses again because they are lighter and with very little metal on it.

If you are using service dogs, there are leather and nylon harnesses with a handle on it, enabling you to walk next to them only handling that handle.

If you need a harness for hard training with your mastiff then we can offer you leather dog weight pulling harness. These are special heavy duty dog harnesses with side buckles and reinforced stitches.

The new line of harnesses as reflective ones. These nylon harnesses are specially made for night walking. They have a reflective stripe that shines in dark and making dogs more visibly and safer.

The most popular line these days are military harnesses like camo, police, and harnesses with a pockets on them.

There is also a collection of fancy, spike dog harnesses always popular with people following their fur friend fashion trends.

We hope we help you a little bit in choosing a proper harness for your Mastiff.

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