Dog collars

Dog collars are one of the most wanted and most useful products for any dog owner. They are the most common articles in pet shops and every dog online shop such as our Mastiff shop. Now, in this huge market, our store is different, because we are putting an accent on, mostly, large dogs. Although we have small dog collar sizes as well.

Mastiff shop is classified collars in 4 different categories.

We offer leather, nylon, and chain/prong dog collars.

We have 2 subcategories training shock collars and luxury dog collars but we put them in training dog equipment collection and luxury collection.

Leather dog collars are one of the most comfortable collars because they are made of natural materials and they are super canine-friendly, even for ones with skin allergies. They are familiar with durability, longevity and dogs feel much comfortable wearing them. Also, leather collars don't irritate dog skin if the collar stays on the dog for a long time since its natural material. There are many variations of leather collars in our offer such as spiked, stitched, personalized, engraved,  custom made, rolled collars, etc. They come in different colors also. Leather collars are strong and reliable collars and they are always a good choice for your Mastiff dog.

Nylon dog collars are comfortable, very durable, hygienic and antibacterial collars suitable for all weather conditions. They are made of flexible, strong nylon who makes them long-lasting but very light. The major advantage of these collars is the appearance. They come in every possible color and they can be personalized with a tag on their most common so-called D-ring.  Some of them come with soft mesh in a part close to dog neck which makes them even comfortable for your Mastiff. They can be combined with a leash in the same color and make a great fashion detail for you and your fur friend. They are mostly used for its low cost and long-lasting.

Chain/prong dog collars are made for training purposes only. They can’t be left on the dog 24/7. Many dog owners dislike the idea of a prong collar, but they are very efficient in dog training and can’t harm a dog if they used properly. A prong collar must be properly placed on the dog’s neck. Only if you place it high, close to dog-ear it can be working correctly with no danger to hurt your, fur friend. This collar is mostly used in behavior and walking correction.

A safer alternative for many dog owners is the martingale collar. Unlike the choke/prong collars, the martingale collar won’t apply that much pressure on your dog’s neck, like choke/prong collar is. Instead, it will only tighten enough to discourage the behavior. They are called half choke dog collars or no slip dog collar. These are the best collars for dogs that pull.

As we said earlier there are training shock collars in our store too. Also, there is a different opinion on them but it is proven if they used prospered they can’t harm a dog but can help a lot in behavior correction and training.

If you are looking for something unique and fancy for your dog, you must check our luxury collection where you can find fancy dog collars that will make your Mastiff stand up from a crowd, for sure. Luxury collars have major markets in the American bully community, but we think they are new to the market and they will make their way in every dog breed market because they are simply made to attract everybody's attention.

We are updating our store daily, so please be tuned!

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