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Bully Diamond Chains

Newest collection of luxurious massive dog chains . Something you can't see everyday. Special exclusive collection of custom made Stainless Steel chains with in a Diamond style...

Just for special dogs...

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Large dog collar, harness, muzzle, toys and dog training equipment

As Italian Mastiff owner and breeder for many years we experience a large market gap for large dog products. Every time we were searching for a nice leash or harness for our dogs we found a massive online market for small dogs and every product we like there, didn’t have a proper size for us. So we decide to open a store for bigger dogs. We called it Mastiff shop because of our huge love for our Mastiffs. I think, other breed lover wouldn’t mind us on that.

Mastiff shop is an online store, where you can find variety of dog products, such as dog collars, harnesses, muzzles and toys. Our product sizes is from small to large dog breed, but we haven’t forget xxl size items for giant dog breed to. Here you can find huge selection of dog collar sizes, styles and materials. For a pet parents who are putting additional effort in combining their pet style we have to offer matching leashes and harnesses or collar and leash sets. For those with even more fashionable taste we have a luxury collection. There you can find fancy, modern and unique dog collars and leashes.

We can offer you muzzles in any size for your fur friend, made from leather, wire/metal or rubber.

Also we can provide best toys that will keep your Mastiff preoccupied and train his brain while you are away.

Other than these most wanted dog items, we are offering your health care dog products. This collection is for all people that like to be groomers to their own pets. And for grooming saloons as well. Here you can find different kind of clippers for dog nails, dog hair brushes, towels, dog’s teeth brushes, grooming gloves, even dog tooth paste etc.

In Mastiff shop you can find Mastiff themed t-shirts, accessories, jewelry, socks, caps, phone cases... some unique ideas that would also make a perfect gift for any Mastiff lover!

Let the world know that you are proud Mastiff owner.

We call one collection must have products. In there you can find products that solves everyday problems and you didn’t know they exists. There is a variety of very useful items that you can’t find anywhere and you will ask yourself how you could live without them until now.

Last but most important thing for us, as a breeders and dog trainers is dog training equipment. We put special attention on this dog collection because it is a most needed for one Mastiff owner, we all know how energetic our fur babies are, and so it would be wise to spend their energy useful. On training. And we will be here to provide you amazing products for that use.

Our shop will be updated daily with new products and collections, so stay close!

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